Pitching Velocity

Over Powering Fast Ball / Outstanding Arm Strength / Great Command / Finesse Guy


Coaches and scouts all have terms to describe players, but it seems to be in today's standards they are really looking for fastball velocity.  Unfortunately, most still believe we are born with the tools we have and throwing with velocity can't be developed.

Training the body for the act we are performing is the key to success. With specific training and use of proven techniques, we all can throw with greater velocity.Velocity is not all about arm strength, but about arm speed. Therefore, we must build the body parts involved. Strong legs, hips, and core muscles are crucial to transfer power from the ground through the lower body to the torso and eventually to the arm and hand to provide a fast whip-like release of the ball. The efficient transfer of force through proper sequencing of body parts is crucial for throwing with greater velocity.  Focusing on improving quick reactive movements, increasing core and rotational strength along with good mechanics to gain velocity and perform at a higher level.


Past Participant Successes:

Conner Bell began program at 81mph and completed program at 86mph

Jack Christa began program at 80mph and completed program at 85mph

Graham Ashcraft began program at 86mph and completed program at 92mph

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